• Juries are a vital part of our democracy and are dependent upon citizen participation. To ensure a fair trial, juries should reflect the diverse society they represent.

    B.C. uses the provincial voters list to randomly select citizens for jury service. If you're not a registered voter in B.C. and would like to add your name to the database for potential jury service, please review the disqualification reasons. If you're not disqualified please complete the form below. The information provided will be kept confidential.

    If you are registered to vote in B.C., your name is already in the database and you don't need to fill out this form.


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  • Personal information collection

    The personal information required on this site is being collected under the authority of the Jury Act BC for the purpose of the administration of jury selection before the courts of British Columbia (see Section 2, Section 18, Section 3(1) and 3.1(1), Section 4, Section 6(1-4), Section 7, Section 29(2). Further information about the collection and use of this information may be obtained by contacting the Central Jury Information Centre in Vancouver at: 1 855 660-0605 or BCJuryInquiry@gov.bc.ca.